Gear Application Development Resources

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Want to get started developing Gear applications on the Tizen platform?  Below you’ll find a collection of resources to help.

Environment Setup

Install Tizen SDK and Tizen Extension SDK: Tizen SDK Install Guide


Apps need to be signed by the developer before they can be installed on a test device or uploaded to the App Store: Certificate Guide


An overview of the basic Tizen design principles: Essentials of Tizen UX Design


Comprehensive design guide for the Gear: Gear UI Design Guidelines


Learn how to create Gear Web Companion Apps: Creating Gear Companion Apps


Get detailed information on how Native Accessory programming: Tizen Native Accessory Guide


Learn how to install/uninstall Gear applications and configure the host application: Samsung Gear Application Programming Guide


Understand the differences when switching from Samsung extension web API to Tizen 2.3.1 web API: Migration Guide between Samsung extension web APIs and Tizen 2.3.1 web APIs


Test your Gear app without an actual Gear device: Guide on Testing Gear applications using the Emulator


Learn how to develop a basic Gear Application by example: Samsung Gear Application: Getting started


Understand the role host and provider serve in the analysis of several example applications: Sample Applications for Accessory SDK