How to install Developer mode apps on Samsung Gear S2 Part 1

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This tutorial will explain how to install a Developer mode app via command line or Tizen IDE.
This is a must read for those who are developing and wanting to test their own Gear S2 applications.

Install Tizen SDK
Connecting Gear S2 with phone
  • 1. Find and install the Samsung Gear app from the Play Store.
  • 2. Turn on Bluetooth on Phone, launch Samsung Gear app, and click Connect to Gear
    button while following screen is shown on Gear.
  • 3. Click “OK” to accept the connection to your matching Gear S2. If there are multiple Gear
    devices, select the one you wish to connect to. Samsung Gear will download and install
    additional files.
  • 4. Accept the Bluetooth pairing request on both devices.
  • 5. Agree to the Terms and conditions on the Phone and click Done. Your Gear S2 is now
    paired with your phone.
Installing the developer mode app on Gear S2

There are two methods of installing a developer mode app on Gear S2. For part 1, we will cover installing via widget file (.wgt). It is a quick way to install from the command line. If you have the source code for the developer app then you could install from Tizen IDE. However, we will cover that in the part 2.

Installation method #1: Command Line (if you have .wgt file)

Update the path so you can run sdb.exe from any location

After installing Tizen SDK, update the path variable to point to tizen­sdk\tools folder.

  • 1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System.
  • screenshot1

  • 2. Click ​Environment Variables​ button in the Advanced tab.
  • screenshot2

  • 3. Select Path in System variables and click ​Edit ​button.
  • screenshot3

  • 4. Add the full path to sdb.exe which is C:\tizendsk\tools by default.
  • screenshot4

    Connect Gear S2 to PC (Command Line)

    If you have a USB model:

    • 1. Restart your computer if you haven’t already after installing Tizen SDK.
    • 2. Enable debugging on the Gear S2 via ​Settings > Gear info > Debugging​.
    • 3. Connect to the PC via USB cable.

    If you have a Wi­Fi model:

    • 1. Restart your computer if you haven’t already after installing Tizen SDK.
    • 2. Enable debugging on the Gear S2 via ​Settings > Gear info > Debugging​.
    • 3. Disable the Bluetooth connection on the Gear S2 via ​Settings > Connections > Bluetooth​.
    • 4. Enable WiFi via ​Settings > Connections > Wi­Fi​ and connect your Ger S2 to the same network that the PC is connected to.
    • 5. Note the IP address of your Gear S2 by scrolling down via ​Settings > Connections > Wi­Fi > (Access Point)​.
    • 6. Open a command prompt by pressing Windows key and typing ​cmd​ and press enter or click the app.
    • 7. Type “​sdb connect [YOUR IP ADDRESS]​”
    • screenshot5
      Note: Gear S2’s screen should be on when connecting otherwise it will not connect and you may need to reconnect.

    Install the widget file

    • 1. Navigate to the directory where the widget file is located in File Explorer.
    • 2. Hold shift and right click somewhere in the folder, you will see the right click context menu, select ​Open command window here​.
    • screenshot6

    • 3. Type “​sdb install [wgt]” where ​[wgt]​ is the name of the widget file.
    • screenshot7

    In Part 2, we will go over installing developer mode app on Gear S2 via Tizen IDE with source code. Please leave comments down below as we appreciate any feedback.

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