Tizen Session Videos from Samsung Developer Conference 2016

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There were many featured and guest speakers during Samsung Developer Conference 2016. We have compiled only Tizen related videos from the session. Even the conference’s slogan was based on Tizen – “Connecting the Future Everywhere You Look.” JD Choi from Samsung stated that 90% of Samsung devices will be connected to the IoT by 2017. So we highly recommend anyone interested in Tizen development to watch some of these informative videos to keep up to date information on Tizen.

Developing with the Tizen SDK

Speaker: Hong-Seok Kim, Vice President / Lab Leader, Samsung Electronics

Tizen 3.0 comes with a number of new features and improvements for app developers. In this session, you will explore the Tizen 3.0 SDK including app models, UI programming, APIs, and tools enhancement.

Envisioning Tizen’s Future: Connecting Everything

Speakers: Mohan Rao, Sr. Vice President, Samsung

Smart devices have a growing impact on our everyday lives. From mobile devices to TVs and watches, we’re finding that they have become indispensable. However, one of the biggest drawbacks to the current technologies is that our experiences are still limited to a single device. In this session, you’ll explore a future when devices collaborate to provide a better user experience by emphasizing IoT and convergence. Join us to understand Tizen’s roadmap as the “OS of everything.”

Securing Your Applications with Tizen 3.0

Speakers: Yong Ho Hwang, Head of Security Lab, Samsung

Security and privacy are key considerations in smart devices for both developers and end users. Tizen 3.0 has enhanced both by improving the security and convenience of the app development environment and by enhancing access control for app privilege management and privacy data protection. Join us in this session to get an overview of these critical Tizen 3.0 security improvements that enhance the app development process and the security mechanisms for running app/SW in platform.

The Introduction of 2016 Tizen TV

Speakers: Noam Bonnie, Partner Engineering lead, Samsung
Yongjae Kim, Vice President, Samsung Electronics

Get a kick start on developing for the future of TV by exploring that new enhancements for 2016 Samsung Tizen TV. In this session, you will learn how SmartHub’s 2016 UI provides new ways for partners to promote their content to users and for users to access content faster. You will also learn about the new First Screen UI, cover deep linking and First Screen API, and see how simple it is for developers to support this technology. This session is geared towards experienced Tizen TV developers.

Exploring Advanced Development for Tizen TV

Speakers: Jim DiNunzio, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Samsung Research America Sunil Ramakrishnan, Principal Engineer, Samsung

Whether you want to provide consumers with a great lean-back video experience or bring them the convenience of a mobile-to-big-screen experience, the Tizen and Samsung Smart View SDKs have the tools you need. In this session you will learn how to effectively utilize the new 2016 Tizen TV SDK to create high-quality Tizen apps and how to implement the Samsung Smart View SDK to extend the mobile viewing experience (Android, iOS and web) to the best screen in the house — the Samsung Smart TV. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how adding some simple code to your TV and mobile apps will enable seamless communication. As an added bonus, you will learn about a new open source UI Framework called VOLT (Very Optimized Lightweight Framework) that allows you to create user interfaces using a variety of elements. It can provide native-like performance with JavaScript flexibility and fast development time without the complexities of pure native app development.

Tizen Game Development with Unity

Speakers: Sukwon Suh, Senior Software Engineer, Samsung

If you have experience using a game engine like Unity or Cocos2d-x, you can build Tizen games. In this session, you will learn how easy it is to use these engines to develop games for Tizen and watch faces for wearable devices. Even if you don’t have experience with game engines, come to this session to learn just how straightforward it can be to get started developing for Tizen.

Overview of React Native for Tizen

Speakers: Ryan Hyun Choi, Senior Software Engineer, Samsung Electronics

Tizen is a web-based operating system that aims to provide a uniform web and native platform across all Samsung products. It has been successfully integrated into a wide range of end-user products such as TV, camera, wearable devices and mobile phones. In this session, you will learn about React Native for Tizen (RNT), which allows developers to implement native Tizen applications in JavaScript. In particular, you will focus on how RNT is cohesively integrated with the Tizen platform to provide a JavaScript layer. With RNT, developers can utilize the advantages of JavaScript to quickly develop efficient native Tizen applications. Come join us for a detailed overview of RNT and explore how beneficial it is for current Tizen developers.

Exploring UI and Graphics in Tizen 3.0 and Beyond

Speakers: Carsten Haitzler, Master Engineer, Samsung

Tizen 3 sees some big changes from the 2.x series. Significantly, Wayland will replace X11 as the primary display system. This buys Tizen improved performance in application startup time, lower memory footprints and simpler and cleaner code. APIs all around (including UI Framework) are being improved with C++ and JavaScript support as well as revamped C APIs (while maintaining compatibility with existing C APIs so nothing needs to be ported or rewritten). New tools have also been added to the SDK for building GUIs and new languages are on the way. This session will cover these topics and provide a forum for questions and feedback.

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