Adding circular page indicators to your app

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Circular page indicator example

This tutorial will show you how to implement circular page indicators in your Tizen wearable web app like shown above. These are the dots seen at the top of the screen in the app launcher and while scrolling between notifications. They indicate which page you are currently on within a group of pages.

Set up your project

Page indicators require the Tizen Web UI framework TAU (Tizen Advanced UI) to function.

Create a new TAU Basic wearable project, or Read the rest

Gear App Beta Testing

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Before officially releasing your Gear App to the Samsung Galaxy Apps store, you can release a beta version for testing. This post will show you how to set up beta testing for your Gear App, and how to participate as a beta tester.

There are 4 things you need to ensure to have a successfully set up beta test:

  • The Beta tester’s email address that is registered for testing must be the same email they use for Galaxy Apps.
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How to install Developer mode apps on Samsung Gear S2 Part 2

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This is the part 2 of how to install developer mode apps on Samsung Gear S2. This tutorial will cover the 2nd part of the series which explains installing by Tizen IDE.

Install Tizen SDK

Please skip all the way down to “Installing the developer mode app on Gear S2” part if you have read the part 1. If not, please go through these initials steps.

  • 1. Install Java Development Kit (JDK) 7 or later from the Oracle website:
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How to install Developer mode apps on Samsung Gear S2 Part 1

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This tutorial will explain how to install a Developer mode app via command line or Tizen IDE.
This is a must read for those who are developing and wanting to test their own Gear S2 applications.

Install Tizen SDK
Connecting Gear S2 with phone
  • 1. Find and install the Samsung Gear app from the Play Store.
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Integrating HERE Maps into your Tizen wearable app (Part 1)

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This is Part 1 of a tutorial that details how HERE Maps can be implemented in your Tizen wearable application.

See HERE Maps Javascript API 3.0 for reference as well as additional examples in the API explorer.

Load the Maps API code libraries

In order to use the HERE Maps API for Javascript, we must first load the required code libraries or modules.  The implementation of our application requires three modules: core, service, and places. Read the rest

Gear Application Development Resources

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Want to get started developing Gear applications on the Tizen platform?  Below you’ll find a collection of resources to help.

Environment Setup

Install Tizen SDK and Tizen Extension SDK: Tizen SDK Install Guide


Apps need to be signed by the developer before they can be installed on a test device or uploaded to the App Store: Certificate Guide


An overview of the basic Tizen design principles: Essentials of Tizen UX Design


Comprehensive design guide for the Gear:  Read the rest

Architectural differences between wearable platforms

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Apps developed in Android Wear, Tizen, and watchOS can be either standalone or companion type.  Standalone apps run on the device itself while companion apps primarily run on the phone and the watch displays the UI.  Those that require data can fetch it over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, or cellular in the case of the Samsung Gear S/S2 and LG Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.

Aside from availability of third party applications, the main difference between platforms is in their abilities Read the rest