Gear Application Development Resources

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Want to get started developing Gear applications on the Tizen platform?  Below you’ll find a collection of resources to help.

Environment Setup

Install Tizen SDK and Tizen Extension SDK: Tizen SDK Install Guide


Apps need to be signed by the developer before they can be installed on a test device or uploaded to the App Store: Certificate Guide


An overview of the basic Tizen design principles: Essentials of Tizen UX Design


Comprehensive design guide for the Gear:  Read the rest

Architectural differences between wearable platforms

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Apps developed in Android Wear, Tizen, and watchOS can be either standalone or companion type.  Standalone apps run on the device itself while companion apps primarily run on the phone and the watch displays the UI.  Those that require data can fetch it over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, or cellular in the case of the Samsung Gear S/S2 and LG Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.

Aside from availability of third party applications, the main difference between platforms is in their abilities Read the rest

Creating a new exhibition user-experience using Beacon and Wearable technologies

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Marvel desired its exhibition visitors to participate in Marvel Cinematic Universe and experience the super hero’s unimaginable facet and sphere of the world. The inherent challenge was in creating a realistically compelling exposition experience. The Exhibition kicked off with each visitor creating a profile using a wearable device.

The primary design was for the device to track and store all of the activities while simultaneously keeping a dependable commitment in sending and receiving data with the server. A visitor Read the rest

Tizen Looming – Understanding the Next Paradigm in Computing

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Industry analysts have criticized Samsung for their hardware delays and underwhelming software ecosystem, while failing to see the forest for the trees. Tizen is not a smartphone platform that seeks to fight head-to-head with Android or iOS. Rather, it is an important part of Samsung’s Internet of Things (IoT) strategy that encompasses all device categories across the company—smartphones, tablets, wearables, televisions, appliances, automobiles and more.

This white paper by TecAce Software will cover forecasting the IoT market, Samsung’s refocused Read the rest